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Added: 12/05/2010 (Listed for: 9 years)

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ROI: 452%

12. UInvest

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Investment opportunities in Europe are part of a successful, diversified portfolio. As financial experts, we identify these projects and guide clients through this process with transparency and convenience.

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  • Investment plans: variable weekly
  • Min spend: $28.00
  • Max spend: unlimited
  • Payout max time: 48h
  • Minimum to withdraw: $1
  • Referral: 5%
  • Payment method: Manual
  • Compounding available: no
  • Principal return: no
  • Our investment: $244.00
  • Complaints: 0 (0 pending, 0 solved, 0 unsolved) ?
  • Verification level: unverified?


Name Profit Time of interest Min. deposit Max. deposit Period Compounding
Uinvest Plan variable weekly $28.00 $0.00 unlimited none

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Payout speed
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If you see the sign "Care Investors Program" this means that you get a possibility to report any missed deposit or pending withdrawal even if you are not referred by us. A program's representative can join to any dispute and respond directly in our system. All complaints are monitored and verified by our investigation team.
In this way, your complaints are verified by a third and indepedent party. We publish the information how many complaints the program have and how many of them are solved, pending and unsolved.
We have 3 levels of verification process. Every level has individual rules, please visit our advertise page for more details.
Feel free to invite program administrators to get more confidence and to access verification procedures.

Every program position depends on many factors:

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ROI points - 452
Monitoring time points - 2052
Deposit volume points - 49

Payout speed
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Best USE Trader... Is That You?

UInvest announces a new contest for the best trader on USE, the winner of which will be generously awarded. So, we will start the contest on a weekly basis, and each week we will identify the trader, who has completed the largest number of operations. Then, upon a month end, we will see who the best USE trader of the month is. And finally in the end of a year Uinvest will announce the best USE trader based on yearly indicators. Uinvest always appreciates productive uinvestors, should they be buyers, sellers, TOP distributors, or USE traders, therefore generous prizes are guaranteed! So please join the contest, trade and win!

The First TOP Projects Were Listed On UInvest

We are happy to announce that the first TOP projects have appeared in the “Buy Obligations” section of UInvest platform. These are the TOP Demjjd's "Copper Processing Plant" project (10 obligations), the TOP Korpalska's “Cocoa Beans Trading” project (100 obligations) and the TOP Murg's “Medim Control Ltd” project (100 obligations ). UInvest announced this lucrative proposition in one of its previous newsletters, and we had many TOPs fond of this idea. The first TOP to take this advantage was Demjjd, who sold out all his obligations within less then a week. If you are a TOP do not hes itate to contact your account manager and to order this option.

UInvest Affiliate Program Succeeds In Bringing New Investors To UInvest

"The Best Affiliate" contest is over now, but we are still watching the activities of our affiliates, as they are a very important source of newcomers for UInvest. We are glad to inform you that our affiliates have brought 267 new investors to our platform in just 7 days! The newcommers have bought 578 obligations total. Сhisanuphong has become the most successful affiliate of the week as he has earned the most with UInvest Affiliate Program. Congratulations! We are also happy to inform you that our affiliates have withdrawn twice as much earnings compared to the previous week. If you haven't become an affiliate yet, this is the right time to start!


Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

A Tradepeer trader shares trading secrets with his trade peers! - An Interview With Alex Kompak Held During April 2 MC

This week's MC with Alex PR featured a very special guest – Mr. Alex Kompak. “Who is that?” you would ask. If you had participated in the MC, you would have known for sure, because Alex Kompak is the most successful trader on Tradepeer! Mr. Kompak was very kind to take part in our MC and answer all tricky questions raised by Alex PR and UInvestors. That interview was very interesting and useful for those who wanted to start trading on Tradepeer, and for those, who still had doubts about it. Mr. Kompak provided comprehensive answers, which we believe would motivate many UInvestors to become devoted “trade peers”.
If you want to learn more information, please click here

A New Option of the Affiliate Program: Listing Services of Professional Providers

Our Affiliate program has just started gaining great success for both affiliates and BOs! Thus we are working on a new program to provide even more lucrative opportunities for people to earn with UInvest. The idea of a new program is just brilliant! Why should our affiliates be limited only to obligations of the projects listed on UInvest? Why can't they offer online business management services to potential customers? There's no reason for that!
Therefore, we are about to present you a new option of the affiliate program. Under the terms of this program UIcloud will list legal, analytical, sales, IT and PR services of the professional service providers, and each UInvestor will be able to share referrals to the above mentioned services page and obtain a fair commission for their job!
For more information please write to

We Are The Best-Selling Team On UInvest» Contest Is Over

Finally, our fantastic contest is over and we are ready to announce the winners! We remind you that «We are the best-selling team on UInvest» contest was conducted from February 3 till April 3, 2014 and was specially designed for UInvest TOPs and their distribution groups. Under the terms of the contest each distribution group was to sell shares of the 96th (Entertainment Plaza), 97th (Insulation Materials Company) and 102nd (Heat Treating) projects retail.
For two months our groups eagerly hunted for customers trying to be ahead of their competitors and win the race. However, there is only one most active group which performed in the best way!
Please welcome our winner! To tell you the truth it was quite a surprise for us, you all remember our intermediary winner was Artwork. However.... we have another distribution group that made an outstanding effort and pulled ahead! Wow! What an unexpected turn!
And the winner is Simomanu's distribution group! As a prize, Simomanu and two his best distributors will get one obligation each of Mechanical Processing Workshop project. Congratulations!


A Special 1% + $10 Offer For UInvest's Updated Affiliate Program

UInvest launches a special offer for the participants of our updated Affiliate program! According to this luring offer, each affiliate will get a $10 bonus for each obligation of the Mechanical Processing Workshop purchased by his referred customer. As a gentle reminder, under the terms of our updated program each affiliate receives 1% of the amount from each investment made by his referral on our site, and now, with a special promo offer provided by Mechanical Processing Workshop project, you have a perfect chance to earn sweet $10+1% for the obligation purchased and receive them in cash into PayPal, Perfect Money or UPay accounts. There is no doubt, this is an awesome opportunity for you to earn cash! Just join our Affiliate program, obtain your referral materials, disseminate them all over the Internet, and start earning cash every week. Hurry up! People are already making money with our program while you’re reading this message!

The TOP Korpalska’s New Project Has Been Launched This Week

A new Cocoa Beans Trading project has been launched by the TOP Barbara Korpalska this week. The enterprise operates as a product trader in the agricultural sector of Nigeria with the main focus on cocoa beans. Having built a substantial network of buyers and distributors, the company has expanded the market of Nigeria and established a long-term partnership with key international cocoa beans traders. The business is most likely to be perspective and should bring its investors great income. The project’s ROI is 8%. The price per obligation is 150$. The investment period is 2 years. The total quantity of obligations is 1000. Be the first one to take advantage of this opportunity!

UInvest's International Online Investment Conference Will Be Held in Novara, Italy

UInvest has started cooperating with NewBrandSolutions company to host an International Online Investment Conference in Novara, Italy. It is planned to be hold either in the end of May or in the beginning of June, the exact date of the venue is yet to be announced. The conference will become the greatest event for the whole UInvest community, welcoming UInvest representatives, business owners, TOPs, distributors and UInvestors all in one place. This is a fantastic opportunity for all members of our community to meet face to face and outline the perspectives


Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

"Tradepeer – where UPs turn to cash”, Konrad Malecki shared his experience at the last MC

UInvest's weekly MC, conducted by Alex PR on 19 March 2014, featured a special guest Konrad Malecki. Inter alia, the MC brought up an important topic of using Tradepeer, and its expediency. Mr. Malecki was very kind to share his own experience and answer UInvestors' numerous questions. Trust to Tradepeer has become an important issue widely discussed by UInvestors since an opportunity to buy UPs there was announced. Many UInvestors were reluctant to use this unfamiliar platform, but not Konrad Malecki! Being a very active member of Barbara Korpalska's distribution group, he started to use Tradepeer once it was introduced on UInvest. He has already converted a substantial amount of cash into UPs and vice versa. We are happy to realize that our clients become satisfied with the service provided on Tradepeer!

An Updated Affiliate Program: Both Attractive & Perspective!

Friday, March 21, 2014 was enlightened with a significant event of launching an updated Affiliate program! It was long-awaited for by our clients, and now the most active workaholics of our Uinvest community will be able to use the program's advantages to the best of their pockets! It is worth underlying that according to this program those new clients who will make a purchase on Uinvest by following your referral link will bring you 1% of earnings from each obligation bought! As a sweet addition, the referral page was successfully updated, and now the whole process of making money, starting from coming to the page and completing a purchase, will last no longer than15 seconds! There is no doubt that referring new clients to Uinvest has become very profitable with minimum efforts applied! You can learn more information about an updated Affiliate program by following this link. Are you already excited and eager to post referral links on your preferred web space? Then you are welcome to our updated Affiliate program!


Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

A New Option For The Affiliate Program Will Be Launched Next Week

Be the first to enjoy a new lucrative option that was added to the Affiliate Program that will be launched next week! The UInvest affiliate program provides a great opportunity for TOPs to promote their platforms and obtain additional income. Referral links to the platform will be provided to any person (called affiliate), who wants to join the program and benefit from it. Under the terms of the program these links will be embedded in the websites to attract potential clients to the respective platform. A certain percent from each purchase made by internet users, who visited a platform through the referral link, will be provided to the affiliate. That is a fair bargain!

The Second Stage of The “7 Badminton Sport and Spa Club” Project Listed By Artwork

The second stage of the “7 Badminton Sport and Spa Club” project, listed by the TOP Artwork, has been launched. This is a large project that manages the development of badminton sport facilities in Thailand. Badminton became very popular in South Asia over the past years and a business owner expects great success. The amount of money required for the project development is $600,000. The expected monthly earnings are $16, the investment period is 2 years with ROI of 12% and the cost of one obligation is $200. The quantity of obligations is 3000. This project has the potential to become the most successful one. Do not miss a chance to invest in it and enjoy your earnings

Intermediary Results of The Facebook Contest “The Most Devoted UInvest Follower On Facebook”

Our Facebook contest “The most devoted UInvest follower on Facebook” keeps going on with many followers, who demonstrate an outstanding activity on our page. We are happy to announce our intermediary results! Our first nomination is the “Follower that made most likes” and the provisional winner is Raúl Sandoval Manríquez! Our congratulations! Keep going Raul, and the prize will be yours after 19 March 2014! We also have a provisional winner in the “Follower that made most shares” nomination, and that is Prnz Mu Moo. He shared our post on his Facebook page and attracted the largest number of likes to the shared post! Congratulations! Share more posts, attract larger audience, win!


Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

The Guide About “How to Get 25% of Your Earnings in UPs” Is Now Available

UInvest announced a lucrative opportunity to receive 25% of earnings in UPs, hence in cash, for three projects listed on UInvest. These are the 96th (Entertainment Plaza), and 97th (Insulation Materials Company) projects, that have already started paying 1/4 of earnings in UPs (since March 1). The 102nd project (Heat Treating) will start paying in UPs in July 2014. All uinvestors are welcome to enjoy the outcome of this opportunity! In order to receive earnings from UInvest projects in UPs, please go to the Withdraw Page and press the &l dquo;U Withdraw” button. Specify the amount of money you wish to receive and withdraw! We have compiled a detailed guide on how to use this new option. Please get familiarized with it and obtain your earnings in UPs!

Post Your News in Monday Newsletters

Platform TOPs obtain a unique opportunity to post their news in Monday newsletters. Don’t miss this chance to promote yourself! Monday newsletter is a powerful tool for disseminating your business-wise information among 50 000 subscribers. Become closer to your target audience! Write your news to attract new investors to the platform, and inform your existing clients about important events, such as sales, introduction of a new currency, etc. Submit your news to We will inform you when we will be able to add it to our Monday newsletter.

Two New TOPs' Projects Have Been Launched This Week!

Two TOPs have listed new projects on their platforms this week. These are the TOP Saalaar and the TOP Rulinsky. The first mentioned TOP listed the Bus Transportation project that is located in Zambia. This project’s aim is to improve transportation services for local citizens by providing a number of modern, comfortable buses to drive along an important transportation road in the country. The cost is 176$ per one obligation, the duration of the project is three years, ROI is 8%.
The second project listed by the TOP Rulinsky this week is Private IFund Asset Management. The project’s investment period is one year, ROI is 5%, the price per obligation is 300$, expected monthly earnings equal 15$. The project provides innovative solutions to asset management for private investors who intend to diversify their portfolios.


Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

“The Fixed Rate of Work” Program For TOPs and Their Distribution Groups

“The Fixed Rate of Work” program has been offered to UInvest TOP distributors and their distribution groups this week. The main peculiarities of this program are the constant 80/20 ratio (UIbalance/UPs) for obligations purchase, participation in UInvest projects within the subsequent six months, the total number of projects obligatory for participation are limited to eight, the ROI varies between 15-20%, etc. No doubts, this is a great offer beneficial for both TOPs and their distribution groups, and it will definitely boost financial development, success, and prosperity of everyone involved! Enjoy "The Fixed Rate of Work" program, and take the most from it!

The Rule of Mutual Settlements In UPs Became Effective On February 19, 2014

As of February 19, 2014 obligations of the projects listed on UInvest can be bought for UIbalance and UPs only. This means that the 70/30 ratio of UIBalance and cash that has recently been introduced by UInvest will remain the same, but instead of cash UPs will be used. Therefore obligations can now be bought for 70% of UIBalance and 30% of UPs. Within the implementation of this rule your payments will be processed right away. Moreover you will save on the commission fee, and enjoy the highest level of security of this payment model. Efficient... wise... great!

The First Earnings Have Been Paid by Murg Today

We are happy to inform that today our TOP distributor Murg has started paying earnings for his project. Murg is the first TOP distributor who created a TOP fund within a new franchise model in UInvest. While other TOPs were thinking about how to best benefit from TOP funds, Murg fulfilled his fund with the necessary amount of money. And today a very significant event took place - Murg paid earnings to the investors of his project. This fact vividly proves that the new franchise model does work, and it is truly successful!


A Happy Withdrawal Hour on 18 February 2014, from 16:00 to 17:00 UInvest time

The moment to remove the 25% commission limit for financial partners' withdrawals has come to UInvest! Next Tuesday, 28 February 2014, within just one hour our FPs and uinvestors will have an exclusive opportunity to withdraw money with the commission fee negotiated and set between themselves.
We’ve been monitoring uibalance liquidity increase for the past two months now. Currently we have many FPs who want to accumulate uibalance, and lots of uinvestors eager to make immediate withdrawals. The 25% limit did not let both groups get what they longed for, therefore we've decided to provide a no-limit hour, when our FPs and uinvestors can determine a commission by themselves on the basis of a totally free market.
In order to participate in a happy withdrawal hour next Tuesday, please go to go the section Money - Withdraw and make your bid!
Good luck and a happy withdrawal hour to you!

UICloud Premium Services Are Already Available

We are happy to announce that UICloud premium services will be introduced in the nearest future! These options will make administration of the platform more effective, and the management of your crowdfunding business will be more successful. We have also prepared a short presentation, so that you could familiarize yourself with the services provided.
To order Premium services, please go to the PREMIUM section on your platform control panel as it is shown on the printscreen

New TOPs’ Projects

We have one TOP’s project listed and 2 new TOPs’ projects to be launched next week.
The launched project has been listed by the TOP Rejeki2013. This project manages bridge construction in Jakarta, Indonesia. The project's ROI is 4,5% month, the duration is one year, the price per share is $60, monthly earnings are $2,70.
The first project is submitted by the TOP Saalaar. This is the Bus Transportation project in Zambia which intends to provide bus circulation for local citizens. The cost is 352$ per one obligation, the duration of the project is 3 years, the ROI is 7%, monthly earnings are 24,64$.
The second project to be listed is SH-01 the Large Bakery project. It is presented by the TOP Flosdonut. A popular family bakery in Lebanon needs investments for its further development. The project’s ROI is 5%, monthly earnings are 10$, the investment period is 3 years.
Stay alert, and catch your best chance to invest!


Earnings From All TOP Projects Will Be Guaranteed By Cash

We are happy to inform you that from now on all earnings from TOPs' projects will be guaranteed by cash, which means that each of you will be able to withdraw earnings in cash any time. In order to help you see the earnings separately from your UI balance, the second account will be created for them in your cabinet. As a result, one account will display your UI balance, the other one will accrue earnings obtained from the TOPs' projects you have invested in. Any TOP project investor will be able to withdraw cash anytime from the earnings account.
For instance, you invest 100 USD in one TOP’s project and earn 30 USD each month. Money that you have earned (30U SD) will be sent to your separate "earnings" account from which you will be able to withdraw it any time.

UI Balance Liquidity Has Increased by 35% Over The Past 6 Weeks

Due to permanently opened TOP funds UI Balance liquidity has undergone a substantial growth since the end of 2013. The commission of the first TOP fund opened in UICloud was up to 95%. As of now we have 60% as the highest TOP funds’ commission. Recently the TOP Moneybookers opened his new TOP fund with the 60% commission.
Our experts expect more funds to be opened in the nearest future, since TOPs have already submitted several new perspective projects. With the uprise of new TOP funds, the liquidity of UI balance will be increasing and more money will be available for withdrawing.

A Webinar About a Franchise Meeting in Italian Will Be Announced Soon

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that our series of UICloud webinars in different languages is successfully progressing!
In order to help you use your franchise package to the best advantage, we would like to invite you to a special webinar that will take place on Thursday, January 30 at 15:00 London time. This webinar will be conducted in Italian by our dear regional manager Simone di Sabato. He will be happy to share his experience with you and answer all your questions about how to use and earn with UICloud Franchise.
All franchise owners will find an invitation link on our site. We will provide more details soon, so stay tuned!

Article of the week: The Immunity Project Hopes to Build a Better HIV Vaccine Through Crowdfunding and Machine Learning

The team behind a new HIV vaccine is hoping that a combination of crowdfunding, venture capital, and an innovative new scientific approach will help it to a major breakthrough in fighting the virus. The Immunity Project thinks it has found a new way to fight HIV, and it's using a combination of Kickstarter-style crowdfunding as well as backing from notable startup incubator Y Combinator to get off the ground. Perhaps most notably, the Immunity Project wants to give away its vaccine for free — and it hopes to have it ready for widespread distribution by 2016.
For more information please follow the link


UInvest TOP Artwork Launches A New Project "7 Badminton Sport and Spa Club"

Our dear TOP distributor Artwork has launched his first project this week. 7 Badminton Sport and Spa Club is a Thailand indoor gym designed for badminton activities. Since its first branch got very popular as an entertainment spot in Songha province, club owners decided to expand their business by developing a network of badminton clubs all over the state and by providing additional services. Sounds perspective, doesn't it?
You are most welcome to study this project more thoroughly and be sure that it is worth buying its obligations!

A UIcloud Webinar Meeting in Arabic Will Be Conducted On 21 January 2014

We are happy to announce that a UIcloud webinar meeting in Arabic will be conducted at 16:00 UInvest time, on Tuesday, 21 January 2014. This is the first webinar in a series of webinars that will be held in different languages. They are dedicated to UIcloud franchise opportunities. In addition to this, webinars comprehensively describe how to list your projects in UInvest. Please feel free to contact us to request the link for the meeting.

6 TOP Funds Have Already Been Launched by UInvest TOPs!

Absolutely fantastic - 6 TOP funds have been launched since the end of December! These are Moneybookers’, Murg’s, Demjjid’s, Salaar’s, Taiiab’s, and Artwork TOP funds. Three of them, namely Moneybookers, Taiiab and Salaar, are collecting UI-balances for their projects. Meanwhile Artwork, Murg and Demjjid have already achieved their ambitious goals, and Artwork has successfully launched the project! You are most welcome to withdraw your funds by providing your UIbalances to our TOPs: Moneybookers, Taiiab or Salaar upon your choice. They are looking forward to seeing you in their funds!

Any questions? Contact us!
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